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Big Texan BBW T-Girl Kayla Taylor

Big Texan BBW T-Girl Kayla Taylor

 Kayla Taylor from Austin Texas is a gorgeous BBW shemale babe with massive breasts. Those boobs are really incredible, if you are into big women with plenty of meat on their bones, Kayla fits the bill perfectly. And she’s not only posing for online porn magazines like Shemale Yum, where this picture set is taken from, she also does escorting (hint, hint) and is a very popular choice for men that want to be topped by dominant – and BIG – shemale escort.

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Tranny Dates

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22 year old Black T-girl from Atlanta

Black tgirl Ashlee The ebony beauty Ashlee has a slim body and a decent sized dick that she also masterbates in this picture gallery from Black T-Girls. The site that discovered many TS superstars features mainly transgendered models from North America. About 15% of the site content is dedciated to dark skinned Brazilian TS girls, but the vast majority is African-American (solo and hardcore black content). Add to that, that most of the models are contactable, read, as a site member you get their contact info. If you dream of meeting a black shemale escort in person, Black TGirls is certainly the way to go.

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Hot Wendy Williams Back Online

Hot Wendy Williams Wendy Williams, nominee for the AVN award “Transsexal performer of the year 2008”, faced severe technical problems with her personal homepage. Due to a server crash the site was offline for almost a month. But now she resolved this issue and Hot Wendy Williams is finally online again. Wendy’s website offfers not only solo and hardcore photos of herself, but also from other shemale pornstars. In addition you get downloadable videos (some preview clips are available in the free preview section of her homepage), pay-per-view movies, a personal page, a message board, and her tour schedule. Last not least Wendy Williams is also available for shemale escort services, check out her site to learn more.

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How is Sex with a Shemale in Real Life?

Looking at shemale porn pics and videos is one thing, but how does it feel to have real sex with a real transexual woman? To give you at least an idea what it’s like to have sexual relations with a pre-op tranny, I post here an article of TS Mona, where she talks exactly about this subject and also includes the personal experience that one of her lovers – a straight man – had with her:

You have been dating a TS for a while and now comes the moment of truth. You are going to bed. What is it like? what does she like? Will I like it? What do I do?

The first thing to do is relax. If you have feelings for her and she for you, it will work out in bed. Everyone of my boyfriends were all very nervous the first time we had sex. That is natural since most men who are into shemales consider themselves straight. First, let me get into some details about TS’s and sexual relations.

Sex and Hormones
Most shemales are taking hormones. This has a huge effect on their sexual desires and performance. Some TS can not get hard and are not functional in that area. Some can not get hard while on hormones but can still function (ie: cum). Remember, a TS who has just had a hormone injection is experiencing many different things. Mostly they are experiencing the same feelings and symptom of a woman at the height of her period. Many TS will not even be in the mood for sex until a few days after the injection. Some TS take hormone pills regularly. These pills are not as strong as the injection, but are taken daily. If a shemale is taking her pills regularly, the effects on the sexual performance are not as dramatic as after having an injection. She may be able to get hard and ejaculate or she may not. Regardless, most TS in hormone therapy like sex and are able to enjoy it in some way.

What do TS like sexually?
Some shemales are totally feminine and do not like their cocks sucked. They prefer being taken anally and act much as real women do in bed. These TS are called “bottoms”. Some like having their cocks sucked and some like taking their partner anally. These TS are called “tops”. Some are in between and like giving and receiving oral, but do not like anal sex or taking their partner anally. Some enjoy ass licking and most all enjoy having their breasts sucked on. (be careful, though hormones make the nipples tender). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Practical Guide to Shemale Escorts

I have already included a page here with information about shemale escort services. But if you are thinking about meeting a tranny escort, the following article from TS Mona also provides some useful insight for all tranny chasers:
It takes a special type of man to handle a TS girlfriend. Some men (most really) don’t want a relationship with a transgendered woman, but still fantasize about sex with a beautiful shemale. The answer here may be a visit to a shemale escort. This option is certainly viable if you use some common sense and take a few precautions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blog Update: Chat and DVD Shop

Just a quick post to let the world know that I have updated the Outlaw Blog with a shemale chat room – check it out, there are always some hot chicks with dicks and web cams online! I have also included a tranny porn DVD page where you can buy shemale DVDs.

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