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Shemale Photo Gallery of the Year 2007

Shemale Photo Gallery of the Year 2007

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Patricia Bismarck photo from Shemale Club I have posted hundreds of shemale picture galleries on this blog in 2007, but the most popular one with the visitors of Outlaw Cafe is this shemale photo series with Patricia Bismarck, her male lover Jean, and, most important, Patricia’s hard working penis pump. It’s probably also one of the most unusual photo sets that I’ve ever seen, because it takes quite some imagination to come up with a story idea like this for a porn photo shooting. If you haven’t seen it yet, in this gallery Patricia Bysmarck uses her penis pump all the time while she’s getting fucked in the ass by the man Jean. Definetely a sight to see. Congratulations to the photographer and to Shemale Club, who released this gallery, but of course also to Patricia and her big sex toy.

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