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Post-op Tranny Masturbating Her New Pussy

Post-op Tranny Masturbating Her New Pussy

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Post-op ladyboy Fern from Pattaya┬áSo, what happened in Pattay recently while I was busy presenting you Brazilian trannies masturbating and fucking each other with their huge she-cocks? Well, the lovely ladyboy Fern lost her dick and got a brandnew pussy a.k.a she went post-op. Fortunately the procedure didn’t minimize her sex drive as you can clearly see from these movie clips where she is pushing a nice big dildo in her man-made vagina and obviously enjoying it. Maybe you have read my blog post about post-op trannies a while ago, where I told you that many, if not most, shemales still get sexually aroused and achive orgasms after their surgery. Surprising, but true.

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