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So you want to supersize your tranny experience? The good news is that there are plenty of Tgirls with big dicks and/or big tits and/or a big ass available in internet porn land. The not-so-good news is that you’ll have a hard time finding a good site that is specialised on big shemale women – whether you define ‘big’ as having a huge cock, or if you are looking for big girls with dicks like in big boobs and an even bigger ass. Fortunately there are several big shemale sites (‘big’ meaning in this case: having a lot of pictures and videos) that feature also a healthy amount of big/large/well hung tranny models.

Okay, let’s start with the good old big dick shemales! (Mind you, that was a joke, most of the popular tranny pornstars are actually pretty young, like 18-25 years.) Maybe you have stumbled already over the few membership sites that claim to have huge cock shemale content – and let me guess, you were shocked, right? To date, I found exactly two of them: One of them looked, to say it friendly… not inviting. The pictures on their homepage are so blurry that it’s kinda hard to tell if these ladies have a cock at all, let alone estimate the size of their peckers. The other one was quite the opposite in a certain way: The graphic artist did such a ‘good’ job on the weiners (or is it spelled wieners? Who knows.) of the front page models, that they look like three-legged aliens. Honestly, that are the biggest cocks I’ve seen in my whole life, and I’m 200% sure, that mother nature had nothing to do with them. So much for the freaky stuff, now on to the real deal: The greatest variety of big hung shemales you’ll probably find on porn sites that have a large amount of brazilian shemales, like Shemale Club. Why is that? For one, Brazil is a big country, and therefore you can find almost anything there. Apart from that, brazilian shemales are famous for being rather good endowed, lucky girls. Or lucky us, that we can admire them in all their natural beauty. But truth be told, not all of them have really natural big cocks, there is a recent trend in Brazil to pump silicone, oil or fat into the cocks to make them appear huge. Not a very health thing, these artificially enlarged dicks. To add insult to injury, after this treatment the poor girls have a hard time to still get a hard-on. So if you see a tranny queen even with an amazing penis, if she manages to get an erection, she probably still is all-natural. Practically the same holds true for shemales from Argentina, an increasing number of Argentinan trannies think bigger and longer = better, and some of them use silicone or oil to pimp their dick. Fortunately not all of them, just check out Latina Tranny, where you can see a plenty of Argentina trannys, plenty of huge dicks, and also plenty of stiff cocks, so not all is lost. By the way, do a search for Naomi on the Latina Tranny preview page and try to guess, if she is naturally well endowed or did help mother nature a bit.

Are you still waiting for the big titted trannies? Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to talk about the chicks-with-big-dicks stuff first, I hope you don’t mind? But now let’s look at some really big boobies 🙂 Go to Shemale Club, on the homepage do a search (Ctrl+F) for ‘Holly Sweet’, and there you have it: Lovely american shemale babe Holly Sweet, 2006 AVN awards nominee for best TS performer, with a very nice set of big boobs. And while you’re at it, do another search on the same page for ‘Bianca Freire’ – while Bianca’s tits might not be as big as Holly Sweet’s juggs, they are still a pleasure to the eye, at least if you like big breasted trannies.

Last not least you can combine everything, big titties, big booty, maybe also a big dick, and paint it black: Welcome to the world of Black T-Girls! Well, the site is NOT called BIG Black Tgirls for a reason – it features black shemales of every size, shape and form, as long as they have dicks. Therefore you’ll meet also plenty of skinny ebony transgirls and medium sized drag queens, but rest assured, that there also enough BIG black shemale mamas inside. Check out the preview and see for yourself.

And there you have it, folks – the outlaw guide to big shemales!

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