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Foot fetish is quite common and occurs usually in males who are simply attracted (foot lovers) or even sexually aroused (foot fetishists) by women’s feet. Famous examples of men who were in love with beautiful feet are Casanova, Goethe, Baudelaire, George du Maurier, Thomas Hardy, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. So, if you like to kiss, bite, caress, lick or fondle feet, you are in good company. Although feet lovers are not created equal, their individual preferences vary wildly: Some like them big, others adore small and delicate feet. If you came here for the shemale feet pictuers you probably fall in the first category, but it’s not true that every tranny has large feet, you can also find she-males (especially Asian ladyboys) with rather small feet. Well, not as tiny as the poor Chinese ladies of ancient times, who practiced ‘foot-binding’ and as a result had feet that were about 2″ wide and 4″ long… But size is not the only thing that matters, according to a recent survey in an online foot fetish group, the things that tickles their fancy most, are foot tickling, foot worship, foot caressing and licking, foot masturbation and foot sucking, followed by the odor/smell of bare feet, cotton socks, nylons, stockings, high heeled shoes and leather boots, foot bondage, tonguing, eating, toe sucking (‘shrimping’). That’s quite some variety, even if you can squeeze the foot sex crowd loosely in two distinct groups: the guys who are into admiring, massaging, pampering and sniffing the objects of their desire; and the BDSM chapter, that prefers it rough and tough, e.g. feet bondage, spanking, foot slavery, worshipping, trampling and other dom/sub related stuff involving feet, legs and shoes.

While there are plenty of foot porn sites with pictures and videos of female feet, it’s not easy at all to find some decent images of trannys feet on the Internet. More precisely I know exactly one site that caters exclusively to the fans of shemale feet pics and vids. Foot Fetish Transvestites is completely dedicated to transvestite feet and offers loads of transexual foot job movies with long legged T-girls and their devoted foot slaves. Besides all the photos and movies already available on the site they also take picture requests. So, if you are interested in something special (shoe dangling, cum on feet…), changes are good, that they either have it, or you can ask them to make a really nasty TS foot video especially for you. Sounds like a good deal to me.

As always, I’d be more than happy to hear about your own reviews of the heshe sites that are discussed on this blog. If you have personal experiences with Foot Fetish TVs, please add your comments below.

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